Here by design

It's  almost the "weekend" and boy do we need it around here. These last few days have been super busy. Craig gets husband of the year award though. He worked all Friday night, came home and slept 2 hours, then got up and watched Lucy so I could go to so lactation counselor training/enrichment and actually be able to focus on what was happening.

And I'm so glad he did that for me. I really learned a lot.  But it was funny sitting there listening to a doctor explain the work she did with tongue tie and watching the slides. It felt like I was back in college in one of my biomedical science classes. I hadn't really ever thought about the overlap between science and breastfeeding which is odd because it's a pretty big overlap!

I loved my major in school and loved all the classes - even the really hard ones like organic chemistry, anatomy and physiology. Okay, to be honest, I didn't love anatomy lab. My prof told me that he was surprised I was doing so well considering I spent all my lab time with a smear of vicks vapor rub under my nose and knowing exactly where the trash can was and how long it would take me to run there - I don't do weird smells, blood or guts and anatomy lab has all three!

And I liked my jobs well enough. They were interesting and mentally stimulating but I never loved them. I think what I liked best was that I was good at them and I like being good at things. And paying the bills. I like that too. But I was always counting down the days until I got to do what I really wanted to do - be a mom.

Once I became a mother I knew that I was right when I thought that was my true calling. Mothering and homemaking are where my passions really lie. But being involved with breastfeeding support allows me to help and encourage other mothers which is why I thought I liked it. And I do really like that aspect. But I also love the science part. Learning about how both the mother and babies bodies work together. Reading the research. Understanding the science behind it all. That stuff is fascinating.

Right now I still feel like a newbie. I get nervous when I get calls. Nervous that I won't know what to say or that I'll say it wrong. But I'm gaining confidence. I'm not sure how long I'll be doing this or how much more involved I'll become over the years - I'd love to become an official IBCLC someday but that just may not be practical with the lifestyle Craig and I want to have, only time will tell. But for now, it just feels like this spot was tailor made for me. I'm here by design. I guess God did know what he was doing when he guided me to BIMS in Aggieland. That's pretty cool.

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