There are some upsides to Craig working weekends one of which is that we don't fill up his days off during the week with outside activities quite as much as we do the weekends. But sadly, we still don't always do a good job of resting, relaxing and spending time quietly as a family. Last week we did though! We ended up going on a mini--vacation with Neighbor J's family. It was only a couple hours away so the drive with two kids was pretty easy and we didn't do much other than hang out and talk,  walk around the lake and let the kids poke the water with sticks and just relax. It was perfect. And here are some random unedited and uncaptioned pictures to prove it. Apparently, I'm still in relax mode.

Weekend at lake1

Weekend at lake 3

Weekend at lake 2

Okay, I have to talk about this one for just a second. He started pushing up! He's even better now that we are home and on a nice traction-y carpet. I got a video of him rocking that I'll try to get up soon.

Weekend at lake 5

Weekend at lake 4

Weekend at lake 6

Weekend at lake 7

Weekend at lake 8

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