The things she prays:

We've been praying with Lucy at meals and bedtimes for a while but it hasn't been until recently that she's been willing to pray herself. And it definitely adds some entertainment to bedtimes.

Here is a sampling:

Dear Jesus, thank you for all the wonderful food and thank you for all the wonderful toys and thank you for all the wonderful books. Amen

Dear Jesus, Thank you for the cookie I will have after my nap. Amen.(Note: I had not told her she was getting a cookie after nap, she just knew we had cookies and perhaps she thought I couldn't say no once she had already said thanks for it.)

Dear Jesus, How about you make us not sick. Amen.

Then to make sure you all get a balanced picture. Here's a recent conversation.

Me: Lucy, that is not acceptable. You need to change your behavior right now. 

Lucy: I do NOT need to change my behavior. I need to change my ATTITUDE!

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