Let the Lent begin

I've got a whole lot of thoughts about Lent but I'm letting them settle in my mind instead of just blurting them out here so all I've got for you is my Lenten resolutions.

I'm giving up:

Computer time. Now, I do quite a bit of real "business" not just fun stuff so I can't give it up completely but I am taking myself off of facebook except for Sundays and will also be trying to limit my internet usage to only when the kids are asleep. It would actually be easier to say no computer at all except when kids are asleep, but we use the computer for most of our music and music is one of my best "turn the attitudes around" trick and I'm not sure my children would survive if I cut us off completely.

I'm giving:

That time to my family, my God and my intentional commitments.  I especially want my kids to see me value them and enjoy time with them without distractions  I think this is going to be really really hard because the internet is one of my biggest sources of interaction with other adults and I'm worried I'll be feeling like a recluse by Easter time BUT I will be turning to God for that and eagerly awaiting Easter which is a good thing.

Wish me luck! Are you doing any Lenten resolutions this year?

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