3 Things I Want to Learn (more of) Before I'm 40

Watercolor - I took classes in highschool but would love to learn more and actually paint some these days. Luckily, CM tends to promote the idea of drybrush watercolor painting as a part of nature study so I have a built in excuse. I even have my set of watercolors downstairs. Sometimes I get out a paintbrush for myself when the kids are painting but normally I'm too busy making sure Jonah doesn't dump his on his head. But I'm thinking sometime in the next 10 years, he'll drop that habit.

Ballet - Now, I am fully aware that I will never be a ballerina. But I took a couple of beginning adult classes right before I got pregnant with Lucy. They are so much fun. Because while it is good exercise, it's not like Zumba where people are there mostly to burn calories. And it's not because we want to become dancers because - ha! And while it's probably good for posture and balance and all that, we all knew the real reason we were there was to have fun. And we did. It was a great mix of ages and body shapes and we just wanted to dance and pretend we were 6. I've looked into classes here and there are a few but none that currently work with our schedules and such. But someday, I want to do more.

Sourdough - This is the one skill listen that I actually have a real shot at becoming proficient at because I am a fairly decent baker. But it always manages to elude me. I've tried before more than once. But I won't give up. It's just a little bit of yeast and lactobacilli, I can win, I know I can! Right now, I'm back on gluten to see how I handle it. If my next blood tests come back and I haven't taken a big dive downward, I might actually give it another try.

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