3 Articles of Clothing I couldn't live without

1) Jeans.

Jeans are like sweatpants to me. I once heard someone say they don't like jeans because they aren't comfortable and I just had to blink at them. I couldn't come up with a response. Jeans are so comfortable. And warm. And pretty much kid-proof. I like skirts and wear them fairly regularly but I just can't imagine life without jeans.

2) Cardigans.

It was only a year or two ago when I discovered the joy of the cardigan. I have them in different colors so I can just toss them on over a tee-shirt or blouse and feel like I'm at least somewhat put together without having to think too much. I left one of my favorites on an airplane last summer  and it still hurts me. But it wasn't my favorite, that's my merino wool (don't have to wash a lot!) peachy pink colored one from Boden. I love it. You can even see my peg person wearing it here, along with a pair of jeans, or maybe a jean skirt. I probably wear it too often and I think everyone that sees me on a regular basis would instantly recognize it but too bad, it's lovely. I like my cardigans with a bit of fun, like cute buttons (my fav has really cute sparkly buttons that Lucy likes to hug) or ruffles or other embellishments. I actually need a few more so if you happen to spot any real cute cardigans around, let me know!

3) No-decisions shoes

I am not a shoe girl. I think I have probably 10 pairs of shoes total, including rain boot, snow boots, running shoes and my one pair of fancy shoes I wear once a year. I really like having one pair of go to shoes per season that I can grab without thinking for 90% of my shoe wearing needs. For the warmer months of the year, those are my black lucky brand ballet slippers. So comfy. When its cold, its a pair of boots. It used to be my black boots but they are 5 years old and were looking rough so I got a new pair of brown riding boots with some Christmas money. I love them. But then Craig threw out the suggestion of checking to see how much getting the soles fixed on my black ones would be. Turns out I got whole new soles for $35 and they re-blacked the suede so they look brand new. I love Craig. This is great news! And horrible news! I hate Craig (not true :-) I'm just seeing if y'all can name that recently discussed movie) Now I have two pairs of boots and I have to make a decision each day which ones to wear. It's stressful!

So that's me. I don't really put up a lot of pictures on the blog but if you ever want to imagine me, just think of jeans, a cardigan and a pair of shoes. The colors may change but not much else does. At least I know what I like.

What about you? What are the items of clothing you absolutely have to have in your closet?

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