The last 3 things I've watched on youtube

1) The latest (last?) episode of Classic Alice. Insert girly squeal! And to think I almost missed it because I thought the previous week's was the last before a break! I do hope they meet their kickstarter goal.

2) East & West. A modern update on North and South! It's newer but so far I'm loving Maggie, her dad and the Richard Armitage jokes. I'm still not sure about how they are handling the factory worker part of the story but I'll withhold judgement - for now.

3) K-pop videos, it isn't always easy to find my favorite k-pop songs on Spotify and I can't really run out to target to buy the cd. I have a few bands I like but I mostly listen to OSTs. Here are a few from tonight's clean-up time (I happen to think K-pop makes for an ideal cleaning/cooking background).

But I don't only listen to soundtracks. Here is an Orange Caramel song because they are just so much fun, AKMU for some sibling cuteness, then a few G-Dragon songs. Because I feel like I'm never not in the mood for G-Dragon. And then I'll force myself to stop.

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  1. Fan-girling here over the K-pop with you! Had not seen East & West...thanks for the heads up!