Programming Note

Don't forget to tune into the Tonight Show tonight to see Fred Thompson in advance of his big announcement!


  1. Here's the thing: (and I'm sorry that I seem to be continually picking fights with you, but I've got to say it) if it was some Democrat, any Democrat, who was running but not "running" for months, you would make fun of them all the time. Of course, this is just a variation on my long-held conviction that if it was some Democrat, any Democrat, who had been an actor instead of a lawmaker for many many years, you would make fun of them ALL THE TIME.

    But I guess you just love Fred for who he is. Or something.

  2. Not only is Fred's late entry an excellent money-saving strategy, but it holds the potential to stem the inexorable increase in the length of the campaign season. If Fred wins the nomination, maybe future candidates will follow his lead, and the 2012 election will start later than 2009.

    As for the actor thing, I remind you that Fred has more relevant experience than all three of the major Democratic contenders. Also, the last actor-turned-President was pretty darn good.

    Of course, if Fred was a Democrat, he would believe in things like socialized medicine and tax hikes. And then he would invite mocking.

  3. Craig, you'd be proud, I watched the tonight show, and saw fred thompson :) (and I occasionally tune into jay leno anyway, but i made sure to last night) you're welcome