Tamest Bachlorette Party Ever!

Notice I said tame, not lame. And the title isn't really true because my bachlorette party was spent getting our nails done and going to Starbucks - tamer, but again, not lame.
At Amanda's party, we actually had drinks with alcohol in them. But the waiter was quite surprised that we were so calm, collected, and not prone to talk about penises. Not that he has had a lot of experience working with classy ladies, seeing as he was a pirate.
Oh, the rest of the picture is showing Amanda doing a "posture test". She passed.

Amanda had said she wanted a clean party so we took her literally and got her lots of bubble bath, lotions, etc. Here she is opening her presents. I'm not sure why it's such a struggle.

This is soap that is shaped like a fortune cookie. Isn't it cute? But don't eat it Amanda, it won't taste good.
Just a couple more pictures. Looking fierce, Amanda, looking fierce.
And here we are, ending the evening being serenaded by Goose, Ace Ventura, Dread Pirate Roberts, and Peter Pan.I only have one more thing to say about the night - fun times were had by all.


  1. um, did you really just say "penis" on your blog?

    LOL. looks like y'all had a great time.

  2. The restaurant was a place called the magic time machine. They have them in San Antonio and Dallas. It's a pretty weird but neat place. I have heard they are popular with the young kid (6-10 year olds) and the young adult crowd.