Feline of the Week

MacKenzie and I are involved with Four Paws, a local animal rescue group. One of our duties is to feed the cats, which live at Petsmart, once a week. These cats are available for adoption on Saturday mornings. What I'd like to do is start a feature on this blog in which I highlight one of the resident cats each week. We acquired our cat, Zeeba, from Petsmart, and it has definitely been a positive experience for us.

The first Feline of the Week is Abby. She is a calico tabby. I really like this cat color scheme.

According to the information posted on Abby's cage, she likes people, but not cats or dogs. However, this information is often based on scant interaction with the cat, so it may or may not be true. Abby likes to be held, and like all Four Paws cats, she is fixed and has her shots. Adoption fee for this, or any other cat, is $75. The cats are always on display, so you can check them out next time you're in the area.

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