My hero wears combat boots

When I look at our stats, I am always amazed that anybody other than my mom reads this blog, but they do. I know I'm not a great writer and most of the time, this doesn't bother me at all. But sometimes I wish I had real writing talent so that I could say what I want to say and have it come out somewhat coherent. That is what is happening now, I am dealing with a lot right now, some of it isn't even bloggable but the things that I can write about, I can't write about. That is I can't think of how to say what I want to. See, even that doesn't make any sense. I meant to write this for Father's Day but couldn't think of just how to write down all I was thinking, so now I'm just gonna say it:

My dad leaves for a year-long tour in Iraq tomorrow. I'm worried. My brain can try to convince myself that the likelihood of him being seriously injured or killed is small but the truth is, he is going to war. My dad is going to war. Anyone who has said that knows that whether you are 3, 13 or 23...it's scary. War - even the thought sounds crazy. My dad, who told us silly stories about frogs winning jumping contests and sang songs about sailor dads with smiles as big as the sea. Who took me to my first concert even though it was to see a boy band in Asia amidst tons of screaming girls. Who danced with me at my wedding. How can he be fighting in a war? That is what people's grandfathers did years ago, what people in textbooks did, not people I know, not today.

But I don't wish he wasn't going. I don't really understand when people are saying they "support the troops but not the war." I reason I support the troops and the way I do so is by thinking what they are doing is important. If I didn't think that what they are doing is necessary, I would think it would be really stupid for someone to voluntarily leave their family and go risk their life. But I do think what my dad is doing is important. And I can't even say that I wish someone else was going in his place because I know my dad and even if someone else was doing his job, they wouldn't be doing it as well. So he will go, and we will be proud of him and in a year when he gets back we will celebrate and finally be able to stop worrying.

If you notice in my sideblog, there is a new button. I made it in honor of my dad. If you have a family member or a friend serving (or you just want to show your support!) and would like to use it, feel free. I would love to hear from you either through a comment or e-mail but it isn't necessary.


  1. Your family is definitally in my prayers! Im sure your dad appriciates all the support you give him!

  2. I can't imagine what it would be like to have my dad go to war, but I'm pretty sure I'd feel the same way you do (which you communicated quite well, I'd say).

    Your dad and your family will be in my thoughts.

  3. I know your Dad and it is pretty crazy to think of him, perhaps the best Dad I've ever actually known, as being good at war. Thank God that he really, truly is though.