Some book reviews

I've been doing a bit of reading lately and after being inspired by Karen, I thought I would share my thoughts, complete with pictures of the books because "even though they say not to judge a book by it's cover, that is kinda what it's there for."*

First off, I've had a couple of issues with our local library and it is frustrating. It makes me just want to buy the books but that not only costs money but it means having to try and find places to put them when we already have too many books. The biggest problem came with this book, Nourishing Traditions. I put it on hold a looonnng time ago and waited and waited but nothing. So finally, I checked the website and it was available! Why wasn't it held for me? Oh well, onto the books -

Nourishing Traditions:
I tried not to hold it against N.T. that it took my almost 8 weeks to finally get it but maybe subconsciously I did. After hearing such great things about it's nutritional info, I didn't think it was worth the wait. It didn't seem very scientifically sound. Many of her arguments stemmed from the idea that if people ate it a long time ago, it must be good for you (as well as it's counterpart - if it is a recent invention, it must be unhealthy).

I don't really care what people 1000 years ago ate, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is better. And while I do believe much of our food is overly processed, I also think there is a reason Louis Pasteur is a well-esteemed scientist. But while I didn't agree with her thoughts on the organic food and raw milk portions, I could at least understand them. However, I lost all confidence in the science behind the book when she started talking about the benefits of raw meat and the importance of organs (as in eating animal organs; I do think my own organs are important).

Almost anything that I would have "learned" from this book I disagree with - maybe I am just not an open person? I was really hoping I would like this book because I want to find sources of good nutritional information but this wasn't it. NEXT.

Patricia Veryan's romantic novels - Good. Definitely in the "light read" category so don't use them to boost your GRE score, but good for right before bed. Rachel mentioned them being hard to find but apparently clean historical romance novels are popular in Utah because there are bunches at our library. Their only problem - the covers.Slightly trashy! I hate reading them on the bus and can't seem to find an appropriate way to explain to the old lady giving me dirty looks that it isn't really a Danielle Steele knockoff, s0 I just sit there red-faced. The library copies are mostly older style covers which aren't as bad but even so I would prefer my covers sans heaving bosoms.

The Red Tent:
Couldn't finish it. Multiple people recommended it, but the author's adding to/changing a Bible story got under my skin. I didn't have any problem with that in Redeeming Love since the "moral of the story" the same but I couldn't deal with it here. Maybe I should have kept trying but it was too much work trying not to be annoyed with her.

Code to Zero:
The library didn't have either of the two Ken Follett books my mom recommended so I got this CIA/rocket scientist story instead. [What can I say, the combination caught my attention:-) ] It was intense but I will admit that it wouldn't have been as scary if Craig had been home the night I started it (darn those business trips). One big fault - random and unnecessary sex scene. The scene felt like the author wanted the book to have sex and this was the only time, place, and couple it would have been possible to make it happen with. But I still like Ken Follett and now I really want to get my hands on The Pillars of the Earth. Maybe that will be on my next set of reviews.

*One of my favorite quotes from Ms. Rachel.


  1. Patricia Veryan covers aren't nearly as trashy as regular old romance covers, so I would say that you shouldn't worry about old ladies glaring, but . . . you are in Utah. I'm really vicariously excited that you have access to a bunch of them. For some of them, you need to read them in the right order! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

    (I really like those books.)

  2. I definitely read book 1 and then book 3 of a series without realizing it at first. It still made sense but if I go back and read book 2 I don't think the ending will be much of a surprise.