Odd Contest

I've been hearing radio commercials for this contest for Aleve, the pain drug, and I thought nobody would enter it. Basically, they want you to write and sing a jingle about how much you love Aleve for pain relief. I thought, who would go to the trouble to do that? The prize they mentioned is that they may play your song in a commercial. Not worth the trouble, if you ask me.

However, it turns out the contest is easy to enter, and you can win $2,500. That's really not a lot by contest standards, but it's something. Also, you enter over the phone, and they provide background music. That's kind of neat. Plus, you only need to come up with 15 seconds worth of lyrics. So maybe I will enter. If you have any lyric ideas for me, leave them in the comments.


  1. Lol - it's a lot cheaper for them to pay $2500 to a contest winner than to pay their marketing people!

    Sorry I'm not helping with the jingle - the only thing I had the patience to come up with is the fact that "Aleve" rhymes with "believe." Maybe you can go off of that =)

  2. If you believe in aleve to relieve, life without pain you can achieve. Its a little "yoda-esque"