School's out for summer!

I have been counting down the days until summer and the end of the school year. You might be wondering why as I'm not a teacher and I don't have kids. It's because of the bus. If I take the bus to work, it goes from the transit station to my office, passing the middle school about 10 minutes before school starts. Which means I am normally crammed onto the bus with about 50 grumpy adolescents, 50 grumpy adolescents who think they are too cool to ride a regular school bus, listening to the drama about how M___ is cheating on R____ with S___ but R___ doesn't know it except now S____ texted R____ because S is a blankity blank...all the while wondering why 6th graders are dating anyone let alone "cheating" on them and who in their right mind lets a 6th grader take a cell phone to school!

But not today. Today there were no children on the bus so not only did I not have to get within inches of children that haven't quite figured out that axe body spray doesn't equal a shower or that not everyone wants to listen to their mp3 player along with them, I actually got to sit down and read my book. It was glorious and that is really saying a lot for a Monday morning bus ride to work.

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