The People on the Bus

As a regular rider of the local bus system (thanks, taxpayers, for the free ride), I see some of the same people quite frequently. As those who know me are aware, I have a knack for noticing resemblances between regular people and famous people (for example, MacKenzie's mom looks like Sen. Barbara Boxer, and Dick Cheney went to my old church). I have done this with several bus riders. Some examples are:
  • Hans Moleman

  • The Soup Nazi

  • My boss (not all resemblances I see are of famous people).
I have also developed a few monikers for people. Such as:
  • The large lady that smiles too much.
  • The old guy that alternately harasses kids or acts catatonic.
  • The middle-age guy with no apparent job that always complains about his bishop.
I wonder what these riders think of me. Do I look like someone? Am I a caricature? If so, it's either the guy that always reads, or the guy that listens to the radio with cheap, ugly headphones. I guess it could be worse.


  1. Good grief! But I guess it could be worse, people used to think I looked like Barbra Streisand, OY! How can one smile TOO much? I actually was accused of that by a Lithuanian officer's wife, who never smiled. Go figure.

  2. Oh, and before I forget and because you asked. You remind me vaguely of the actor Anthony Edwards :)

  3. There is something about colin from "whose line is it anyway" that reminds me of what you could look like when you're about 70. We were sitting in On the Boarder and saw a guy that looked like ex-coach fran...I suppose it could have been him, but I'm surprised he goes out in public in college station!

  4. I do that too! I also do a lot of mixed people. For instance, there was a guy in my dance class who looked like a mix between a young George Clooney (e.g. his appearance on Friends) and John Stamos.

    As for you, Craig, I think I always thought of you as "That grad student from South Dakota that all the AMUMC girls liked!" (Sorry, at the time I kept thinking you were from the state that DIDN'T border Canada.) I do occasionally see people who remind me of you, though...

  5. A lot of people get confused about which Dakota I'm from. Also, a lot of people think of me as "the guy that a lot of girls like."