...I'm a beautiful butterfly!

First one to name the movie that quote is from gets...uh...the joy of knowing they got it right before anyone else?

Last week was VBS at our church and although Craig and I can't help during the day due to the nonsense that is life with a job, we do like to contribute through snacks. You probably don't remember but last year I wrote about how we made worm cupcakes. Without really meaning too, we kept with the bug theme (and non-healthy) again this year and made these butterfly cupcakes. I just can't resist a cute cupcake even if I know it might leave the poor teachers with 30 wired children, I know, I'm cruel but I can' t help it. And it did make more sense this time as the theme was "God's Big Backyard."

Here is the whole rabble of them (betcha didn't know a group of butterflies is called a rabble, did ya - it could also be called a swarm but that sounds scary).
Aren't they just darlin'?


  1. Ditto - A Bug's Life.

    And the cupcakes are just too cute! I wish our VBS had snacks like that...