Impulse Buy

I am tempted to purchase this:


  1. It would make a wonderful addition to any childs crib one day :) its definitally up there with winnie the pooh!

  2. Here's the thing: I know the entire Imus saga is probably one of those things you love to ridicule liberals for, and it indeed was blown ridiculously out of proportion by the media (not necessarily because he was fired--mostly because they gave us minute-by-minute updates of his firing), but that genuinely was a really offensive remark. I mean, it was racist, sexist, AND just really mean in three words.
    If nothing else, the guy's efficient.
    (Also, that first sentence of mine? Fifty-seven words.)

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  4. I had to remove my comment because of a spelling error. I know, I'm a nerd.

    What I said was:
    My first reaction is, what kind of sick, twisted brain hears "nappy headed ho" and immediately thinks: hideous comment + cuddly teddy bear = JACKPOT?!