Kitchen blues

I give up - our kitchen stinks. We have officially decided to give up on our dishwasher. It never really did a very good job of cleaning but I figured we weren't being as diligent about rinsing as we should be. But even after extreme rinsing, no luck. In fact, the extra rinsing just allowed us to see how bad it really was, the dishes were coming out dirtier than they were going in. So far it has been about a week and it isn't tooooo bad. I mean, we were already washing our pots and pans by hand and there are only two of us so it isn't a whole lot more work. It's more the principle of the thing. We have a dishwasher so I want to be able to use it.

Ironically, as I was pondering our loss of the beloved dishwasher, a semi-relevant country song came on the radio. The singer talks about when his family got their first microwave. Then Craig commented on how he remembers his family getting their first and I FELT REALLY YOUNG. I don't remember our family ever not having a microwave. I do remember using our old microwave stand for my 10 gallon fish tank when I was in 10 or 11. Since my mom let me use it for my fish, I am pretty sure it was at least a couple of years old. Not only did I not remember getting my first microwave, it was actually kinda weird to think about life without a microwave. I guess I knew that they were invented not too recently, but I never thought about it. At the end of my little pensive moment, I reassured myself that life without a dishwasher may be inconvenient but at least I have a microwave. BIG MISTAKE. Tonight, in our attempt to enjoy some lovely leftovers, the microwave decides to fail us too. I never should have thought about how much I like microwaves, I set myself up for this. Maybe it is just a phase and it will get over it? I fear the worst.

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  1. I also remember the first time my family got a microwave, though not very clearly. And at least they're cheaper nowadays!