Voting for Idol

I've never participated in American Idol in any way, shape, or form, and I've watched approximately 10 minutes of it in its entire run. However, I am intrigued by this orchestrated campaign to keep Sanjaya on the show even though he sucks. I also like the idea of sticking it to the Idol people. So I think I might go ahead and vote next week.


  1. I've only seen Sanjaya perform once (one of my friends ambushed me with it), and I'll admit it--I could see voting for him. His mellow crappiness and completely non-threatening cuteness appeal to the 11-year-old girl in me. I don't really think it's the Suck Campaign that's doing the heavy lifting for keeping him on the show.

  2. I don't know Rachel, he's pretty horrible. I've heard Simon say before that this is a singing competition, but then again, the best singer hardly ever wins, so whatever. I'm opposed to the whole "Idol" thing anyway, which makes it all the more contradictory (is that a word??) that I was so into the "Grease" competition. But Austin was hot and super duper talented, so I HAD to watch! :)