Democrats and Imus

Here's some bitter irony in the whole Don Imus saga. It was, for the most part, liberals who got him fired for his remarks. But along with locker room humor, Imus' show was a major stopping point for Democratic politicians. John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, Christopher Dodd, and Harold Ford Jr. were all regular guests. And according to this article, they got "sympathetic treatment" from him and were able to reach crucial independent white male voters. Now some Democratic strategists are worried about how to fill the void.

I'm not sure how important his show really was. He only got about 3.5 million listeners per week, and wasn't heard in much of the country. I think his show was one of those things that New York and Washington people think is important, but nobody else really cares about. So although it would be nice, I don't think his absence will hurt Democrats too much.

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