More English Observations

  • Our trip started out delightfully, as our airplane seats had little screens on them, on which you could watch TV or buy movies or games. But the trivia game was free! And you play against other passengers! And passengers are identified by seat number, so you can scope out your competition! The guy across the aisle from me won the first game (I started late, so I was not in contention). As the screen flashed his name as the victor, I gave him a thumbs up. I then won the next round:

There were a lot of lame entertainment questions, which I hate. The number of players rapidly dwindled during the flight, from 26 or so to 14 or so to 7 or so. Unfortunately, these screens were not present on any of our other flights.

  • The most aggravating part of our trip was the complete dearth of garbage cans in London. Twice we carried garbage large distances, looking for a place to put it. Both of these instances began in train stations, where you think there would be many garbage cans. I was almost tempted to litter to spite them.

  • This picture is for Rachel:

As you can see, House is now on in Britain.

  • My favorite type of street performers are the statue people that are painted up in green or gold or white. They stand there, perfectly still, until you give them money. Then they move, usually acknowledging your contribution with a blown kiss or other grand gesture. I saw one of these performers on our first day. Alas, she never returned after that.
  • At Westminster Abbey, someone comes over the PA on the hour and prays aloud. He asks that tourists either join him or respect those who do. So what happens during his prayer while we were there? Some idiot's cell phone went off. It seemed for a moment that he/she was going to pull the old "pretend it's not my phone" trick. People whose phones go off at times like this should be punched in the throat, but when they let it ring, pretending it's not theirs, they should be cattle-prodded, then throat-punched. This person eventually shut it off. Moron.

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