Another rant against inanimate objects

Oh blog, you are a stress on my life right now. And I don't need anymore, I have personal stress, I have non-personal stress, and now I have blog stress. What is a girl to do with all that stress?

Well, last night I ate it away via a chocolate mint mousse concoction with a group of girl friends at Sweetly Divine. That helped but once I got home the the computer started being mean to me again.

First Blogger doesn't work, then when it finally starts responding to my threats, our internet gets cranky. But only for me, it likes Craig better. It wouldn't work, and I would follow Craig's instructions exactly, while he watched, and it still wouldn't work, then he would take the computer and suddenly, it would work, then he would put it back in my lap and it would stop. It was cruel.

So here I am at work, unable to finish the post I started last night because now I don't have the pictures. But once I get home, I will have the pictures but probably no internet. I'm not really complaining, just letting you know why I haven't said anything lately. I have tried, for the last couple of days, but it won't let me.

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