WFMW - Pot Roast

I think I have mentioned pot roast here a couple times. I really like making it because it makes me feel like June Cleaver or Martha Stewart or someone really domestic. Plus, it is super easy. I would have said fool-proof but I have learned that isn't completely true. But it is really really easy. In my opinion, a good pot roast needs three things:

A Crockpot - I love my Crockpot and while I don't currently have many recipes for it, I love the ones I have. If you have any good recipes for Crockpot meals, especially meatless or chicken, let me know. Tomorrow I am trying chicken noodles soup in the Crockpot. We'll see how it goes.

Time - We buy our roasts on sale but we still sometimes get less than the best cut but that is still totally okay because you cook it so long (8-10 hours) that it is tender no matter what. Unless you accidentally unplug it then have to speed cook it as I did, but if you leave the house and come back at night as I typically do, that won't happen.

Onion Soup Mix - Lipton's is the tradition choice but I go with this:

That is just how it comes, except without the smiley husband-model. No box, no label, nothing. But it only costs $0.29. Craig calls it my East German Soup Mix. It reminds me of those notices on the front of books telling you that if it doesn't have a cover, it is stolen goods. Those used to freak me out because I was rough on my favorite books and when the cover would fall off, I was afraid I was going to get arrested. Getting back to my point, this sad little envelope contains so much flavor. It's like a party in a bag.

So you put the roast in the Crockpot, and if you want to live past your fifties, put some veggies in there as well, I like potatoes, carrots and onions. Add 1.5-2 cups of water and sprinkle the mix over it. Then put the lid on, plug it in, and turn it on low. If you don't accidentally unplug it, it should be done in 8-10 hours. If you don't have that time, either because you need to eat dinner earlier than you were planning or because you are silly and notice the Crockpot is unplugged mere hours before your minister and his wife are scheduled to ring your doorbell, you can turn it up to high for only 4-6 hours. But it is better the long you cook it. Really, it's pretty hard to mess up. I have even mistakenly purchased contraband Onion dip mix instead of Onion soup mix (they aren't the same, as the picture not so clearly shows (the only thing it says is Onion Soup Mix - you can use this mix to make great party dip), you can make dip with the soup mix but that doesn't mean you can't make soup with the dip mix) and it still turned out okay.

So sit down, eat some pot roast. Then the next day, you have leftovers for sandwiches or wraps. Pot roast - it works for me.


  1. that is EXACTLY how i make my pot roast. but i like celery in it, too. i actually eat the celery. love it.

    it doesn't have to lipton, either, although i found a great deal on it at sam's.

    i'll post my crock pot potato soup for you on the taste no evil tab on our blog. you'll love it.

  2. I made chicken in my crock pot today. EASY!

    Get some chicken thighs... They are cheap and turn out great! They actually turn out better than the chicken breast in both a crock pot and in dutch ovens.

    You need:
    BBQ sauce and Chicken

    One bottle of bbq sauce (two if you have lots of people coming over)

    Pour in BBQ sauce into crockpot. Then you fill the bbq sauce bottle with 1/2 bottle of water to make more sauce. Add water to crockpot.

    Stir sauce and water.

    Put in 1-2 chicken thighs per adult in your crockpot. (More if they are hungry guys.)Make sure sauce covers chicken.

    Put crockpot on low stir whenever you remember, and wait for around 3 hours.


    The chicken basically falls apart and is delicious.

  3. I sometimes put celery in it but Craig doesn't like it so if I do I have to cut it up small so he doesn't notice and that takes time. I will have to bridge's recipe, we eat chicken a lot but it gets boring. I like bbq chicken but it such a pain to cook in the oven so this sounds great.