Costume Craziness

Apparently, Craig and I are still getting used to some of our differences and how we will compromise. I am a planner, I like to know about things WAY in advance. Craig, is more spontaneous and carefree and can change his plans in a blink of an eye. We know this in theory but sometimes we don't remember to keep it in mind.

A couple weeks ago the church mentioned our Fall Party. Halloween is a big day for Lutherans. Well, not Halloween itself but Oct 31st. Oct 31st, 1517 was the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenburg. So next Saturday we are gonna be partying big time at the "Welcome to Wittenburg" party.

When it was first mentioned, costumes were also mentioned as an option. Craig and I talked about a couple of ideas but when I tried to get it narrowed down and decide on an official plan, Craig was said, "Oh, we have plenty of time". Then he never mentioned it again so I figured we were not gonna do the whole costume thing. Well, we actually put our name down on the list this week as attending and bringing a side dish and no sooner than the i was dotted, Craig asked what we would be wearing.

AHHH! Try to put two costumes together in less than one week! Why didn't he mentioned this to me yesterday when I could have spent the whole day working on them instead of sewing a tote (a very cute tote but that isn't the point). Does he now know me at all?! I can't just throw stuff together and be done with it. I have to buy fabric and draw out a design and do it right. I know that makes me a crazy person because it should be easy to put together a Bible costume. The only thing simpler is a ghost but still, it got me all flustered because I want it to be good. I have actually won awards for my biblical costumes in the past and I can't let my reputation be tarnished.

I am breathing again and we have decided who we are going to be. It should be cute, and by that I really mean we picked someone for me that allows me to be cute, and if we get the supplies by Tuesday, I think I can come up with enough time to work my magic. If so, you might see pictures. If not, too bad for your need for a visual, it just won't happen.


  1. Halloween is just a lot of work. :S
    (Hey...I can't find your email address...Can you send it to me? I have a couple of questions for ya)

  2. I will be a vampire. I have already got my teeth (the dental mold kind), and I am just going in all black clothes... Easy. My family typically goes in a theme every year, and this year the kids picked "scary" stuff.

    Me... Vampire
    My Daughter... Witch
    My son... Grim Reaper
    Husband... Mummy

    I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I would dress up everyday if I could.