Baking with Jazz

After I recovered from the "snow incident" yesterday, I pepped up and had a great day. Since the rain-snow-rain ruined our plans to dig up the garden and get it ready for fall, we no longer had more things planned than we could accomplish and my stress level went way down. So I put on my Harry Connick Jr. cd, Songs I Heard, tied my cute pink polka dot apron around my waist, put my pot roast in the crock pot and got to baking. I made Irish Soda bread and an apple pie from scratch. Nothing beats baking to a Jazz version of the Sound of Music songs. Then I did a bunch of cleaning and when I have time, I actually like cleaning. I don't ever like doing the dishes but when I have time to really clean my kitchen so it sparkles and sweep of all the dustbunnies from my living room, it's fun. Especially when it's all done and I can sit down in the living room and relax, knowing I won't have to be embarrassed if the pastor drops his napkin and gets an up close view of my floor. My day was so great that even when I noticed at 4:00 that the crockpot had come unplugged, I didn't panic. I quickly plugged it in again, turned it from high to low and got out my meat thermometer. So even though my roast was a little chewier than normal, we had a fine time with our friends. I have learned I like entertaining guests. Especially the next day when the house is still clean and we have lots of good leftovers.


  1. I saw a commercial for frozen brownies that you literally just take out of the freezer and put in the oven. you dont even need your own pan! It made me laugh and think of you :)

  2. I heart Harry.

    I saw him in concert and about passed out when he played the trumped laying on his back in tight jeans and a black t-shirt.