Blog Lunch Report

The Cache Valley Blogger Lunch took place Friday, just like I told you it would. Loralee, the guys from For The People, and the local 2/3 of See Hear Speak No Evil were there. A good time was had by all. Here's me with the long-haired hippies from FTP, Tom and Ryan.

I didn't think that the Indian Oven, the location of our event, was that bad. I've only had Indian food one other time in my life, that I can recall, and it was too spicy for my weak Scandinavian taste buds to handle. That was not the case on Friday; I don't know what that says about the food.

At the lunch, we discussed the art and science of blogging, local news and issues, and personal information that's too sensitive for the internet (it wasn't as scandalous as that makes it sound).

MacKenzie and I grudgingly departed early to return to work, so we're not sure what kind of fun and games transpired after that. Hopefully this becomes a regular tradition.


  1. i had such a great time meeting you both!

    thanks for coming... you are in charge of the next venue... ;)

    only if you want to be, that is.

  2. You two are a whole lot of fun! It was so great to meet everyone and hear different opinions, stories, and experiences.

    I admit that I have been completely jealous of MacKenzie's Nikon D40 all weekend. Sigh.

    Here is to the next luncheon!

  3. Wanted to let you know I'm hosting a new giveaway this week. Come check it out!