Photo Phun

Okay, I was just gonna put my picture up there and let it look all pretty but I can't help myself, I want to talk about it. And my mom did ask, so how could I refuse.

I like messing around with all the weird options of photoshop but sometimes wonder why they have certain options. I mean, these are cool, but I can't really think of a use for them, other than this post, that is:

The Original:


Palette knifed:

And my personal favorite - Plastic Wrap. Look, he's all melted:

I think you get my point; they aren't really Christmas card worthy. But on my last picture I messed around and ended up trying fresco. For that picture, it really looked cool and brought out some of the details that were harder to see.



But I wanted it to look real still, so I placed the Fresco over the original and turned its opacity to 70% or so so the background showed through. Combine that with a little cropping and color adjusting and voila!

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  1. you should take a photoshop class...they have them at bridgerland at night i think. OR...you can buy a book and learn some fun stuff, too.