Amanda commented earlier about how we didn't seem like cat people. I guess in some ways that is true. I loved dogs first and will always consider myself a "dog person." But cats have some very nice traits. They are a lot less work than dogs, they make less of a mess and they take up less room on the bed. All good things in my book.

We have been doing the dog adoptions about once a month for a while now but we recently added taking care of the cats at PetSmart once a week too. It has quickly become one of my favorite times of the week. And the turnover is really good. I was afraid we were going to see the same cats week after week and it would be depressing. But it seems like every week our favorite cats are gone. This is a good thing, but still just a tiny bit sad for me.

Last week when we went, we decided to take pictures of our current "favorite." His name is D'Artagnan. This turned out to be hard. He is very nice, he loves to be petted, and he loves to play with the feathers on the end of the stick...but he does not like to have his picture taken.

But he calmed down after a bit.

Doesn't he look happy right now?

But really, after a bit he forgot about the camera.

And decided to get back to his favorite activity, playing with Craig.


  1. With a name like D'Artagnan can his three buddies be far behind?! Looks like a better name for him with would be "Fluffy" (While You Were Sleeping!) . . .

  2. aww....i saw him yesterday and i TOO love this guy!

    we love looking at the cats at petsmart. the problem is that i want to take all of them home with me. ALL of them.