Exciting Work Travel!

Here are the exotic locales to which I will be traveling for work in the coming weeks:
  • Grace, ID (they grow potatoes there)
  • Price, UT (home of the February 2006 Playmate of the Month*)
  • Elko, NV (the largest city between SLC and Reno)

*I only know this because I saw it on Wikipedia. Really. And don't worry, the link is safe for work.


  1. ...the only thing special about Grace is that they grow potatoes? I thought all of Idaho was a big potato farm. (just like Texas is a big desert with cowboys and cactus aplenty)

  2. Well, except for leaving the Cache County part of Utah enroute to Grace and to Elko, and the travel between Logan and Spanish Fork Canyon, the traffic probably won't be too heavy.

    The last time I travelled towards Grace was last summer we were able to motor right along. We were in a big red fire engine with lights flashing and sirens blazing on our way to the Cleveland Hills fire for structure protection. Oh, that might be why the traffic didn't seem to be a problem ....

    All except for the deer we almost hit as we were getting close to the fire. I guess the choice between burning to death or risk being hit by a fire engine was a no-brainer for that deer.

    I hope you enjoy your travel to the centers of civilization!