Two Links

A couple of quick hits for you on this Friday night:
  • Over at KVNU, I comment on a recent 9th Circuit Court decision about advertising for roommates on the internet.
  • My sister recently arrived in Korea, where she will spend a year teaching English to the locals. She has set up one of these "blogs," where she will write about her adventures. Check it out.
Also, I had a great board game night tonight (blogging AND playing board games - what a WILD Friday night, huh?). I won at both Risk and Settlers of Catan. I'm not sure if I've ever actually won at Risk before, so I was pleased.

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  1. Way to go Craig! Winning at Risk is no easy task if you ask me, so thats great to hear you took the globe.

    My Friday night was partly spent in a heated game of Sorry with my kids and wife.

    I guess I suck at Sorry, too. Even though I was in the lead at one point, I came in last.

    Oh well, I'll get them next time ....