3 things

I have been feeling very boring lately and just can't think of anything to write. But I think I am just out of practice and need to force myself so I making myself write about 3 things, since 3 seemed like a good number, reasonable yet not too easy. Okay, here we go.

1. I made bread today and it finally worked out. My very generous brother got me a Kitchenaid mixer a while ago and I have been working on perfecting my wheat bread ever since. The first time I tried I thought I could leave the wheat gluten out. Big mistake. It was edible but not very good. The second time I added the gluten and that helped a lot but I forget to add the honey. Ahh! This time, I not only added the honey and the gluten, but I also took the master breadmaker's (aka - my mom) advice and added the honey to the sponge so the yeast would have something to snack on. It was so delish. "Delish" is my new word that I use all the time, mostly because it bugs Craig. I'm such a loving wife, aren't I?

2. My scanner is stupid. We have been attempting to weed through things we don't need and get rid of them, sell them on ebay, organizing what we have left, etc - the basic spring cleaning. Now my big project is to take all of Craig's old pictures from college and actually put them in a format that he can keep and look at and remember all the wonderful times he had before he knew I existed and realized how awful his life was without me calling everything delish and driving him nuts. Anyway, he finished sorting them so I began to scan them today. The first one worked like a charm but ever since then it won't work. It makes the little scanny noise and then the progress bar gets to 100% and disappears then...nothing. That is the point where the picture is supposed to appear and it doesn't. I'm so frustrated. I wanted to spend today using all my new photoshop tricks and now I can't. Sad day.

3. Yesterday, Craig and I went jean shopping. We both needed some and I figured it would be best to get it over with. We started at TJMaxx and Craig got a great pair for $12. It was the first pair he tried on and it made me sick. I tried on a bunch there and nothing. But I had a backup plan so all was not lost. Zafu is a great site where you answer a couple questions about what your "problem areas" are with jeans and how they typically fit and it recommends brands and fits. It came up with 78 kinds for me to try, including 3 or 4 Lucky styles. So I headed up to Dillard's and tried on a bunch of lucky jeans. I couldn't remember which ones Zafu had recommended but I tried on what they had a found a couple that fit great. Then I promptly left Dillard's because there was no way I was going to spend $98 on a pair of jeans, however great they fit. But when I got home I compared the fits I liked with what Zafu said I would and to be sure, they were right! I then went to ebay and found (and later won!) those same jeans for only $29.50 + S&H. Not as cheap as Craig's but I'm still pretty happy with my find.

Okay, I got to go, Sense and Sensibility just started and I don't want to miss any more.


  1. I managed to stumble upon the last part of this Sense and Sensibility mini-series, and I've been wondering what you think about it. Please be sure to comment in your next post! (I enjoyed your P&P review)

  2. $30 for womens jeans (especially lucky) is a steal most of the time! Way to go! My scanner is a butt head too, it still scans, but now adds what I call "tire tracks" to the image. Big black lines down the left side of the paper. So if the image is small, I can still bunch it down in one corner, and it'll work ok. You may be able to take the photos to walgreens or something of the like and they have scanners to add them to disks. I don't know how much it'd cost though.