Imported Chinese Propaganda

Our good friend Rachel has a report up from a pro-China rally she witnessed at the University of Wisconsin. Her report dovetails nicely with my post awhile back about the Olympic torch stop in San Francisco. Across the country, we are seeing delusional Chinese citizens holding these rallies to steal attention from "Free Tibet" protests, to promote their country and their Olympics, and to spread propaganda. I call them delusional because they seem to actually believe that their government is doing nothing wrong in Tibet (or within China, for that matter). One of these events just happened in Salt Lake City. This one, just like the one in Madison, was most likely organized for the purpose of stealing attention from previously-planned, simultaneous Tibet rallies. I also have little doubt that the Chinese government is behind these events, providing organization, bussing in out-of-town Chinese students, and providing flags, other props, and talking points. As I've said before, if these students aren't going to take advantage of the opportunity of a free, uncensored society to learn about what really goes on in their country, then there's really not much point in us admitting them. This is especially true considering the massive amount of espionage and other nefarious activities these student undertake while here.

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