Fashionable Me

I work in a very geeky place, full of engineers and scientists - mostly of the male persuasion. And that is okay, I like it here, the people I work with are great and there are several nice perks to being one of the few women here.

But it also means the fashion standards are not so very high around here. This was especially apparent last Friday during our all-hands meeting and awards ceremony. The first set of awards was given to the staff and administration people. They live in another building than me where there are actually quite a few females so that group of people standing on stage looked quite fashionable. It's a pretty casual place and it was a Friday so most of them were in jeans but they had on cute tops and nice shoes.

Then the next groups were called up and you could tell it was the engineer's and scientist's turn. There was quite a bit of denim paired with denim (sometimes with a little flannel thrown in), a number of white tube socks with sandals, and even 3 or 4 pairs of suspenders. But I like that. It means that even when I woke up late and didn't have time to put on makeup or didn't get around ironing my shirt, I still am way about average fashion wise. It's very reassuring.

But this week I have been worried that maybe the science fashion is wearing off on me. Monday afternoon I bent down to tie my shoe and noticed that the inner thigh areas of my very light colored khakis had brown goopy smudges on them. I knew it was chocolate (it was chocolate! - I am pretty sure I dropped a part of my granola bar in my lap during lunch and it melted) but all those other people wouldn't. Luckily I was able to wear a lab coat for most of the afternoon but it was a tad embarrassing. Still, I figured that it was just a fluke, it happened on a Monday and bad things are supposed to happen on Mondays, right?

They yesterday was Free Jamba Juice day, did you get your free breakfast 'cause if you didn't, I am sorry. I got some sunrise sunshine fruity thing that consisted of berries, yogurt and soymilk. The soy milk they used kinda gave it an slightly off taste but it was still good and free and who I am to complain. What a great way to start a day! That is until midmorning when I look in a mirror and notice I have no less than 10 teeny tiny seeds stuck in my teeth. I looked like a hillbilly and even worse - I couldn't get them all out. I needed floss but didn't have any. Eventually I was able to get most of the noticeable ones out and I tried to just not smile too much.

So far, I have been able to avoid any major fashion catastrophes today but it is only noon, I still have 5 hours to go.


  1. What's wrong with denim paired with denim, flannel, tube socks and sandals, or suspenders? That's what I wear.

  2. I work in a VERY similar environment. I don't mind the poor clothing choices, but please people - make sure to brush the dandruff off any wrinkled shirts.

  3. Socks with sandals is so very European . . . that is unless they are tube socks! Omigosh, you're killing me! LOL

    I have done the chocolate on the khakis thing before :) must run in the family.

    Seeds?! Must remember to add floss to my bag. You should also check your teeth after consuming spinach, or any leafy green . . . trust me!