Oprah vs. Craig: The Showdown

I've come to a decision about Oprah. My mom wrote about her recent movement and Heather (and I must confess I feel really weird using her first name because I haven't ever delurked and a first name seems too personal but I don't know what else to use) wrote a whole series. After reading what they, and the scriptures, had to say, I have decided that I can no longer watch her, or read her magazine. To be honest, it doesn't mean a big change to my daily life. I work till 5 so I don't watch her regulary but on those Monday holidays or vacation days, I would and now I won't. I could go into a whole thing about why, and I will if anyone asks but basically, this post summarizes it pretty well.

But this post isn't really about Oprah. It's about my attitude. Heather should never have had to convince me to stop watching Oprah. I'm glad that she did and I am glad that God has put women who are more mature in their faith in both the real and blog versions on my life. But I should have heard what she was saying wwwaaayy before now.

Both Craig and I have talked about his dislike of Oprah before. And when I say dislike I don't mean in the same what he dislikes Jane Austen movies. He doesn't like Jane Austen movies because he finds them boring and girly - but he doesn't find them objectionable. He doesn't like Oprah because he thinks what she says isn't worthwhile. Okay, the be honest, he would probably say something more like he thinks pretty much everything she says is a piece of crap - and he would be right! So why did I need someone else to say that before I would listen?

Here is my man, my Adam, given to me by God to lead me spiritually and protect me and I didn't listen to him because...I didn't want to? I didn't feel like it? I wanted to do what I wanted to do and that was that? Yes. And that is not okay!

Before I got married, I wasn't one of those women who objected to the idea of women being submissive. I agreed with all those verses that say a wife should submit to her husband, that he should be the head of the household and I actually looked forward to the day when we would be married and that would be the case. But in my mind, that meant that he would lead devotionals and our prayer time together before we went to sleep. Somehow the idea of him telling me that something was wrong and my having to adjust my thinking didn't fit with the little picture in my head. I was only following Craig's lead when he led me where I wanted to go.

But that needs to change. I just started a Beth Moore study and one of the first things she talked about was having your theology fit your reality. That hit me hard. I want my theology to fit my reality but that is only going to start happening when I let God mold me and I let Craig lead me. He won't ever force me to follow him, just as he didn't force me to stop watching Oprah. That isn't who he is and that wouldn't be biblical either. But I am going to start trying to follow him so as for Craig and his household, we won't be watching Oprah anymore.


  1. yeah, I've been hearing things about this book and its skewed message. I usually don't take much stock in what Oprah says. Sometimes her shows are good, but they're usually the ones where she doesn't say much. Like the ones with dr oz, or nate the decorator guy. I watched her "big give" show, and while I thought it had a great message, I didn't like the fact that people were voted off becuase they weren't as successful one week at giving. Isn't giving anything, better than nothing? And then at the end the winner "had no idea they were going to win anything" yeah...right...why else would you play a reality tv game?

  2. Good post. I've never watched Oprah (!) but I have my own things that I've held back. I think all wives need a reminder like this sometimes.

  3. I'm so impressed that your mom blogs. I hadn't thought about Oprah like this before, but Craig always makes me think. So now I'm researching, and I don't like what I'm finding. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I'm with you on this one. We'll just have to get our fashion advice (hey, she helped me give up the MOM jeans!) somewhere else.

  5. I can almost see Craig doing a literal happy dance at this. Hee!

  6. Now we just need to talk about that Jane Fonda cookbook...