A Major Commemoration

I was remiss in neglecting an important holiday yesterday. My apologies. You see, 75 years and 1 day ago, beer once again became legal in the US. In advance of the ratification of the 21st amendment, Congress changed the law that defined "alcoholic" beverages, which were banned by the 18th amendment, as having more than 0.5% alcohol. The new rule adjusted that percentage to 3.2%, which was standard for pre-Prohibition beer. Eight months later, wine and spirits became legal, thanks to the new amendment. So drink a beer tonight in honor of that great day.

Via NRO.

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  1. I am totally drinking wine tonight. Not because I knew about the admendment... but becaue I wanted to.

    I am thankful that I am allowed to drink alcohol in all its forms whenever (except for Sundays unless I drive out of Logan to buy it) I want to.