Getting there

Lucy's had a bit of a rough transition and despite my best efforts to give her attention, she just isn't getting what she is used to and she is not happy about it. Fortunately for Jonah, she doesn't seem to take it out on him - but she doesn't seem to particularly care about him one way or the other. Perhaps she is trying the "If I ignore him long enough, maybe he'll go away" approach.

But last week, we were all hanging out on my bed and after I tickled her for a few minutes, she decided she wanted to tickle him and she was very gentle about it so I didn't even have to stop her. While I'm trying very hard not to push him on to her more than she wants, it was very refreshing to finally get to watch a nice brother/sister interaction.

Could it be that she's finally realized he is the world's cutest littler brother?

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