Because I'm crazy

I know I said that post-partum women should take it easy. And I do mean it. So what would possess me to load up both kids, drive about an hour away by myself, and go to a political rally for Todd Akin?

Well, not Todd Akin. Yes, I'll be voting for him but I don't like him enough to go through the trouble of going to a rally. You know who I do like, the Duggars! Yep, I met the Duggars!

I was very torn about whether to go not. Last weekend we all had colds and I wasn't sure if we would be over them but Tuesday I felt pretty good and was no longer chasing Lucy around with a kleenex or having to suck snot out of Jonah with one of these things so I decided to join Neighbor J, her kids, her mom and another friend and her toddler. They rode in one car and I followed behind, praying that the drive would go well. Luckily, Jonah seems to be a pretty good traveller so far and I filled up his tummy before we left so he just looked around for a while before dozing. We went a little early and let the kids play at a nearby park and eat lunch.

The rally itself wasn't as big as I was expecting which was great. We were only in the 4th or 5th row. The family sang and played their instruments. The music portion was longer than I was expecting and actually, they were better than I was expecting too. Lucy has been temperamental that morning but she was great throughout the rally. She loved the singing and got very excited about how they were "singing about Jesus!! Mommy, Jesus!" and when they played their violins she sat in her seat and directed them with her fingers. I'm not even sure how she knew how to do that.

Cute kid! Actually, I'm testing the camera since it isn't my usual - but she's still cute.

After the music portion, Jim Bob and Michelle told their story and then talked a bit about Todd Akin. The information wasn't new but it was nice to hear it in person instead of just written in their book or a clip here or two from their show.

Almost my turn!

Afterwards, we got to meet them and get their signatures. I got my book signed and Lucy had a picture signed - although I'm not sure she really gets that they are the same family as the "show with all the kids" that she likes to watch. Josh and Anna are very personable and we talked for a few minutes about home births (Anna had both of her kids at home too) before Josh made fun of my being an Aggie (Lucy was wearing an Aggie jacket) and we moved on. Jjust kidding, there were others waiting to talk to him :-)I talked to Jessa and Jinger before getting my picture taken with Michelle and Jim Bob and talking to them as well. Honestly, they are all just as nice as you would think from the show.

Please ignore the fact that it looks like I'm straggling my baby. He had just woken up and was arching backwards to tell me he wanted out and fed. 

In this pictures I am wearing Jonah in the moby and holding Lucy on my hip so Michelle reminded me that there is reason it describes the Proverbs 31 woman by saying "her arms are strong for her tasks." I talked to them both about how much I appreciated the sections of their second book when they related their struggles with Jim Bob's dad's brain tumor and how I ended up reading that right as my mom was her final days and found it so encouraging and they talked to me a bit more about those experiences and the show.

Although there were people waiting after us, I could tell they didn't feel rushed talking to me or my friends right behind me and made sure we all had an opportunity to really feel like we met them - as opposed to a handshake and that's it. Very gracious people. I know some people question their choices on issues and I can't say I agree with them 100% but I simply love their attitudes, their love for others, even those they don't even know, and their obvious joy in the Lord and I was so blessed to meet them.

But that was yesterday. Today, I promise, we are taking it easy!

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  1. You're my kind of crazy! Sometimes getting out of the house and doing something memorable, even if it's physically exhausting, can be mentally rejuvenating.

    Now I'm going to attempt to prove I'm not a robot. If I have perfect vision and struggle with these verifiers, I wonder how other people do it?