Our week

Last week was Craig's first full week back at work. The first two days went really well. I actually managed to take a shower and have everyone dressed by 9am which I consider a miracle in the newborn world. And Tuesday I took the kids out by myself for the first time with a trip to storytime. When we first got there I wasn't sure how it was going to go since Jonah wanted me to be standing but Lucy insisted that I sit down. Eventually we compromised and since it was mostly regulars, everyone was understanding and excited to finally meet him. I was totally feeling like a super mom.

But then...and you knew it was coming didn't you?

But then Wednesday night Lucy kept waking up every 30 minutes until I realized she was sick with a cold and was having trouble breathing which was waking her up so Craig just went and slept on the floor next to her bed. Then Jonah woke up the next morning with a horrible diaper rash. I don't have much experience with diaper rash. Lucy only had it two times and each case was for a very specific reason (yeast die-off when I was treating us for thrush that disappeared the next day and an allergic reaction to a flushable liner I tried that went away as soon the liners did) and I'm still not sure what happened this time. I used a fitted for the first time with him and I think there must have been some residue on it because he was completely rash free before I put it on and he only wore it for 3 hours or so which isn't long for a nightime diaper but he was completely raw all along his lower tummy and boy parts when I took it off. We ended up spending Wednesday mostly in bed with Jonah sitting on a couple prefolds and as long as no fabric touched him he was fine. But he would scream for a few minutes when I knew he had to pee then he would go, cry for a few more minutes and be happy again.  I used breastmilk, coconut oil and lanisoh when he did need to wear a diaper and between that and the naked time he got better fast - within 48 hours it was gone. Hopefully it was a one time thing but I'm worried he is going to be a lot more sensitive than Lucy was.

Luckily for me, Craig had picked up the Sound of Music from the library a few days before so I was able to keep us all entertained in bed. Lucy loves the Sound of Music now - as long as we skip from song to song and make sure to include the "puppet song" (aka - the lonely goatherd) every third scene or so. But between all three of us, it was a very bodily-fluid filled day and I was so relieved when Craig walked through the door that afternoon.

Friday was a little better but I could tell Jonah was starting to get stuffy and now all four of us have a cold. We had planned on doing some fun stuff for Craig's birthday this weekend but we'll just post-pone birthday celebrations until a later date. So the week didn't end quite as well but we made it through and with any luck, next week will go even better.

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