Montessori Baby: The Munari Mobile

I talked back here about how I wanted to buy or make some montessori mobiles before "baby" arrived. I ended up making four (Munari, Octahedron, Gobbi and Dancers). Several look a bit homemade but I still love them, especially since I made all for for less than $15 total! I'll try and get pictures of each one and include a link to the tutorial if there is one.

The Munari is the first one we are using, it's geared to babies 3-6 weeks although we put it up at 2 weeks because I wanted Craig to get around to it before he went back to work :-)

I used this tutorial which helped a lot but it was still the trickiest of the four to make and balance.

Jonah seems to enjoy it for the few minutes he'll lay on his back (we have some oversupply/reflux issues going on so back time doesn't last long as it often leads to massive spit up time) but hopefully as that resolves, he'll be able to enjoy it more.

Until then, we'll keep using these black and white art cards since they can be used with Jonah propped up on our knees. My SIL got them for Lucy when she was just a baby and they were a bit hit her first 6 months. Now she loves to show them to Jonah and tell him what sounds the animals make. It's a lot of fun to watch such a small baby focus so intently on something - even if only for a few minutes at a time.

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