Jonah @ one month!

The official 1 month pictures. I was torn between chair or floor images but since the picture below is the best I could get of him on the floor, I think we might stick with the chair 

Dear Jonah,

Oh my goodness, how this month has flown by. In some ways I feel like you've been a part of our family forever and in others I can't believe your actually here with us!

@ 1 day old

You are growing so fast. You were already out of your newborn clothes by 2 weeks and last week we packed away the newborn diapers. Some of them still fit you but they just didn't last long enough. You have a lot of output because you are taking in a lot. And it shows. You're getting nice chunky arms and
legs, a double chin and even elbow dimples.  Your XX inches long and 10 pounds 4 oz (gained 2 lbs 14 oz this month!). My chubster!

@ 5 days old (with a fake smile ;-)

 You're a very pretty baby. You came out so fast you didn't have much coning and your eyes weren't very puffy at all for a newborn and now you seem to be escaping without cradle cap or much baby acne. I hope that continues.

You make the best facial expressions, especially your worried looks which happens when you are awake as well as asleep. I'm not sure what big concerns you have but you've got to learn to let them go  little guy.

 But yesterday you gave us your first "real" social smile. I still don't like how social smiles are considered real but newborn smiles are considered fake because they just show contentment but I won't lie, it's really awesome to say hi and see you respond with your whole face light up with joy.  Of course, you did it 5-6 times but then started crying as soon as got out the camera.

We should have many more chances to catch it though since you're a pretty happy kid. We've been having a little bit of struggles with oversupply but you just take it as it comes. Your a big burper. I think its probably related to the oversupply but I had that with Lucy too and she never burped at all. Perhaps it's another "man" quality of yours.

I love the little meow you make when you are getting over being mad. You'll stop fussing but then let out one last small whine as if to remind me that you didn't approve of whatever it was that got you upset (most often my attempts to put you down). You tend to be a little more ruddy than Lucy ever was but especially so when you get upset. I can tell your about to cry because you start changing colors before you even make any noise.

the worried look

@ 1 week

But other than those two things, you look so much like your sister, it's amazing. The first few days it was like I was looking at her - with more hair. But now I can see differences between you two but you are definitely more similar than I was expecting. I can't wait to see how you change as you get bigger. But back to your hair, I love it! It always seems to look like I've just combed it but I never do. I reminds me of either the Calvin and Hobbes strip when he is having his pictures taken or perhaps Fredrick Von Trapp.

my perfectly coifed hair 

@11 days

maybe you have a reason to be worried in this one 

Your getting to be quite alert now. You like to look at Lucy. I'll be holding you over my arm while I play with her and when I look down you are just starting at her so intently. But you also seem to really like one on one time with me when things are quiet, at nap time or in the early evening, you just like to hang out, have your tummy or back rubbed or just look around.

I can't keep you up too late. You like to sleep. You love to nap on my or dad's chest although you nap pretty well on your sheepskin in your baby seat if need during the day. At night, you are happy enough in the co-sleeper as long as we let you sleep on your tummy. Of course, this means one of us has to stay next to you and keep on eye on you but I would want to anyway so I don't mind. Once we go to bed and you can snuggle up with me in the big bed you don't mind being on your back (perhaps because the milk has settled a bit and your not spitting up every two seconds :-) but somehow you seem to scootch closer to me if I ever get too far away. I'm not sure how you manage when you aren't mobile but apparently you've got secret baby ninja skills.

You like to lift your head up and if you're resting on my chest you can even push up onto your elbows and you just look so proud of yourself when you do that although you're still pretty bobble headed.

You are also good at rolling onto your side if we put you on your back. You've almost made it over. I think the cloth diapers make it easier for you to get onto your side but then you get stuck there since they are so bulky.

@ one month

You do not like to be swaddled.

You do not like baths. But we found out a few days ago that you do like to take a shower while being held so at least I won't have a stinky baby.

You do like car rides most of the time. You might fuss for a few minutes but then either fall asleep or just start looking around.

You like laid back breastfeeding. Apparently you like to be in control but you can pretty much nurse well in any position. You had eating down from day 2 and I can not even take any credit for that.

You have a million nick names. So far, don't answer to any of then, but even so I can often be heard calling you: Jonah, Jojo, little guy, little man and even buddy. Lucy calls her "my jonah." She slowly but surely getting used to you.

Our first family picture with Jojo!

But this version may be a more accurate portrayal of someone's feelings :-)

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