Better late than never

Craig had a birthday the weekend before last but since we were all sick,we didn't get to do the fun fall festivities I had originally planned.

 Lucy and I did bake him a birthday pie though - complete with a d for daddy on top. 

But don't worry Craig, we went with a "d" because Lucy only knowns her lowercase letters so far but you are definitely a daddy worthy of a capital D.

But since we were all feeling better this past weekend, we made up for the last by heading to a local pumpkin patch on Saturday. We saw some farm animals, rode on a hayride, Lucy got her first taste of popcorn (although I'm worried kettle corn may have ruined her) and finally picked out our pumpkins - one big, one little. I'm finding 2 to be a very difficult year to photograph - we get a lot of cheesy smiles mixed in with cranky, you can't make me smile pictures as well as some wide open mouth shots but regardless of what the pictures show, she really did have fun!

 First taste of popcorn

Yes, there's my brother, he exists 

 She was happy before and after I took the picture. Just not when I held up the camera!

 Monday was pumpkin carving time. And look, a nice cute shot - finally!

She had to give the poor pumpkin a hug before we started the carving process. 

Time to roll up the sleeves and get messy - 

  or not. She decided it was too icky and that daddy could do it all. 

 My job was to keep Jonah happy. 

The end.

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