What I'm into


Charlotte Mason's writings. I had read Volume 1 before but after reading A Charlotte Mason Companion last month I  felt compelled to start on the whole series. I re-read 1, just finished 6 and am trying to decide which one to move to now, probably 5. Starting these right before Jonah was born was probably a bad idea because now I'm all inspired but I have to be practical and spending 4-6 hours outside every day with a newborn isn't very practical.


Debussy: Yes, this is related to the above readings. I've wanted to be better about listening to classical music during our days but it never seemed to happen. So I've decided to follow along with amblesideonline's composer study. This "semester" we are listening to Debussy. I made a list in spotify and now when I open it up, that's the first thing we listen to before moving on to Raffi, Steve Green's hide 'em in your heart and the Sound of Music soundtrack. It's been about a month and I'm really starting to enjoy it. I recognize the songs and can tell I'm starting to really get a feel for what makes a Debussy a Debussy. My favorite is Clair de Lune but I like Children's Corner as well.

Lucy: Lucy's sung before but right now it seems like she is almost never not singing. She loves the songs from the Sound of Music and is actually pretty good at keeping the words straight. She also loves her Wee Sing bible songs but isn't so good at keeping the words straight - a few days ago she kept singing "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam to L - M - N - O - P!" and then later I heard her singing "Who built the ark. Noah. Noah. And the rains came a tumbling down and the house on the sand went splat." At least that mix up makes a little more sense. She also loves the abc song (which yes, she learned even though I didn't really want her to until she knew all her letter sounds, oh well). But her very favourite song right now is the bible song "Who did" - as in, who did swallow Jonah down. I'm not sure if she likes it because it has Jonah's name in it or because she likes the idea of him being swallowed :-)


All things pumpkin. I blame pinterest. Several of the recipes I have tried were flops (pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin oatmeal) but pumpkin french toast and pumpkin rolls were both pretty tasty. Craig requested a pie for his birthday and I really wanted to make pumpkin but he insisted on apple. Now I think I might go on an apple kick.


Not maternity clothes. I'm still in that weird transition phase but I did go buy a pair of jeans. I haven't worn jeans in so long I almost forgot how much I love them. I just can't wait until I'm a more normal size again and can justify shopping for more than just "get by" stuff.

My baby! Last week was babywearing week and I really wanted to get a picture of me wearing Jonah but I did not. It isn't that I'm not wearing him. I've worn him in both the moby and my ring sling many many times already but not normally when Craig is around (if he's around, I'm normally snuggled with Jonah on the couch or playing with Lucy on the floor) and I want to get realistic pictures, not weird contorted mama in the bathroom mirror pictures. But I'll be trying hard to get at least a couple this week. I realized that while I have a million pictures of Lucy, I only have a few of me wearing her and that was such a big thing for us and I don't want it to happen again.


Advent: You know me, I'm always planning something. But I seem to have this canny ability to pick the worst time to want to do an activity. I tried to convince Craig that making me a new coffee table was something we should start when I was 37 weeks pregnant but he, very wisely, talked me out of it. And since this is still not really a good time to embark on any big projects, I've decided to think a bit more in the future and start planning advent things. That way I can plan to my hearts content but I don't actually need to start implementing for a month or so. Win-win. At least until I decided I need to do some crazy-fancy advent project that needs to be completed before advent starts. But I can always rely on Craig to talk me down off that ledge if need be.

What about you? Any obsession (books, food music - anything) you just have to share with someone else?


  1. You sound so productive! This last week was a totally loss for us. I was sick the first 3 days so nothing (NOTHING...) got done.

    Now I'm starting to feel better but it sure takes a lot to get things back on track after Mom has been out of commission.

    P.S. - One of my favorite things about playing piano is that I can sit down and play Clair de Lune anytime I want. ;) What a gorgeous piece of music!

  2. The weather just turned here, so I'm gearing up for fall and my seasonal energy surge. At the moment, I'm just trying to make myself get off the couch and do the basics to keep the household going.

    The girls are starting to sing more and more. Kate's going to burn a cd with all the Wee Sing and Psalty songs they sing together. Their favorites right now are "Allelu/Praise Ye the Lord" and "The Butterfly Song."

    I am still enjoying "Hide the Word" and "Seeds Family Worship" cds. I can't believe how many scriptures I've memorized using music, especially Hide the Word which is word for word from the ESV.

    As far as non-survival tasks, I've been making baby step progress on my sewing projects with my bi-weekly quilting bee. I'm trying to figure out what I want to make for the girls Christmas presents. I'm leaning towards sewing matching outfits and doll clothes for the girls and their Bitty Baby, but I have so much fabric and so many ideas, I really need to start narrowing it down.

  3. @Karen It's more "thinking about being productive than actually being productive but "well begun is half done" or something like that ;-)

    @HA Oh, I love the butterfly song but I don't think Lucy's ever heard it. I'll have to add that to our "bible songs" spotify list. Lucy's on a big wee sing bible song kick and while I love the bible aspect, I think I might have to get another wee sing cd just for a mental break. Do you have any others?

  4. We didn't have any other Wee Sing when we were little, but we did have a Psalty tape. Kate's been building a playlist, I'll ask her what she plays for them.