A new member of the family

We have our first imaginary friend in our household. I asked Lucy to describe him, this is what she said:

 His name is Tuddy. What does that start with ? t-t-t. What does that rhyme with? Muddy. He is blue and a bear.* Tuddy is a friend. He likes to hug his friends. He likes to eat kleenex. Actually he doesn't**. He eats dates and peanut butter and turkey and jelly and garbage and paper and ketchup. He lives in a house made of leaves in a town, the town of B__ (our town) in the country of USA in the state of tissouri. He visits the basement and makes noise. When we do laundry we have to be careful not to bump into him. His eyes are blue and his mouth is green. 

*Yes, she likes to ask and then answer her own questions... What should we do next? How 'bout a snack.

**his being a bear probably explains why she felt the need to describe his name so clearly - earlier I asked several times if it was "teddy" but no it's not. 

***She starts laughing and laughing at her joke. 

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