Cute but fussy

Ugh. I don't know if we've hit the "4 month fussies" or if Jonah is still feeling the remains of the virus (fever, snottiness, etc) he had this weekend but it's been a rough going lately. So if you've emailed or messaged me and haven't gotten a response, that's why. Sorry but someone hasn't let me put him down. I will even confess to using the Boba to get basic bathroom activities accomplished. I will not take his normal easy going happy spirit for granted after the past two days - I'll just hope it comes back soon so I can appreciate it!

But both kids just woke up from a nap and are happy right now! Lucy's "fixing" my hair, I'm writing this while trying to pretend like it doesn't feel like my scalp is being rubbed with legos and barbie shoes, and Jonah's tummy timing it with his mirror. I know as soon as I try to do something actually productive like start dinner or respond to those emails I really do need to send, he'll start fussing so I'm just not even going to try and instead will share this cute video I just took of him being cute...and then in 2 hours when I'm walking him around in the boba in a futile attempt to get him to sleep before he has a meltdown, I can entertain myself. Enjoy.

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