The things she says: Part III

Lucy (Listing people we are thankful for)...Grandma and Grandpa and Grandpa. I have two grandpas! Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Melted.
Me: Do you mean Grandpa Milt?
Lucy: No, Grandpa Melted.

Lucy: May I have a cracker please?
Me: Here you go
L: This is different.
M: It's a saltine. You normally eat Ritz crackers.
L: They have names? That's silly. They are crackers. They aren't people!

Lucy's memory passage for christmas has had two consistent errors - "firstborn son" is normally "favorite son" (hmm, is there a reason for that error?) and terrified becomes "terrifrightened."

Lucy - I want a snack please.
Craig - Would you like an apple?
Lucy - No. I want an apple.

Lucy: I want to watch Thomas because I watched that with Uncle Ben and Grandpa yesterday. (Note: this did not happen)
Uncle Ben: I don't remember that.
Lucy: I don't remember that either!

Craig had to pick up "emergency" bread on the way home from work before a storm but they were out of wheat bread. Lucy's response - we don't normally eat white bread, daddy. 

MacKenzie: Would you like some hot chocolate?
Lucy: I don't like hot chocolate. I only like warm chocolate. Actually, I like "just right chocolate."

Craig: Lucy, what are you doing?
Lucy: I'm bothering Jonah.

Craig installed a dual-flush system in our bathroom. Since I'm the one that empties Lucy's potty and does the flushing around here, I didn't think to explain in to her but apparently she was curious. About a week after the install she excitedly proclaimed "I think I've figured it out mommy. I know what button you are going to push this time!" And she was right. Now, for an adult, it isn't that hard - one button has one dot, another has two :-) but for someone who has never heard any expressions that equate bathroom behaviors to numbers, I'm actually pretty impressed with her reasoning skills. 

She got the American Girl Bitty Twins for Christmas. So now in addition to her doll named "baby" she now has "girl" and "boy." She's so original with her names.

Her new phrase is "That's so embarrassing" but she doesn't really understand what it means (she's asked and I've tried to explain but its a hard one!) so she uses it at random times. Sometimes it works - she trips and says "That's so embarrassing!" Sometimes it doesn't - I tell her we are out of oranges or it's time to check the mail and she responds "That's so embarrassing!" Close, but not quite.

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  1. Oh my gosh,she is so funny! I love her!