Swimming, singing and scrapping

I can't ever seem to get accomplish everything I need to get done. I seem to hover at 90%. Now I'm not particularly upset about that, it's just how life with little ones has to be. My plan to deal with that dilemma is to just rotate the things that aren't getting done so eventually it all evens out. This week, the dropped item was the blog. Ah, the irony - too busy doing stuff to have time to write about it. In fact, the only reason I am even writing this is that I fell asleep with Jonah in the early evening and now it's almost midnight but I can't sleep. So I thought I'd tell you all what has been keeping me so busy.

We spent last weekend with my dad and brother, spending one day at the Great Wolf Lodge. Lucy loves pools and playing in the water so I thought she would enjoy it but it ended up being a little bit loud and crowded for her. But we forced her to have fun and it worked well enough. The 4 adults to 2 kids ratio was great - we could take turns going on the bigger slides and Craig and I even got away for a little while Saturday night while Jonah caught up on sleep and Lucy caught up on Dora. It was our first time leaving Jonah so after about an hour I was itching to go back and check on him but we did enjoy relaxing the hot tub .Although I'm going to vent a bit and ask what is so hard to understand about sign that read "adults only hot tub" - why were there 3-5 children in there the entire time?! There is a perfectly nice family hot tub area just 20 feet away. Perhaps is it because you parents want to enjoy a nice quiet conversation away from all the kids. Yeah, me too!

On our way to storytime!

Sunday morning when the pool was less crowded, Lucy really did enjoy playing water basketball with uncle
Ben and she even tried a few slides (just don't ask her if she was having fun, the second I did, her smile disappeared and she said "no" - her resemblance to her Uncle Ben does not stop at her looks, he was exactly the same as a kid. According to her though, her favorite parts were watching Dora with Grandpa and Uncle Ben and eating fudge.

Here she is not letting me take a picture of her standing next to the bear. 

 Somehow she was told she was getting a treat (Craig thought I told her she was, I thought he told he but someone must have since she insisted we told her she would get one after dinner :-) so we stopped to get a square before heading over to storytime in our pajamas. I tried to break off small pieces to give her but she quickly caught on and started grabbing chunks and shoving them in her mouth.

 It was highly uncivilized and obviously not something she learned from her mother nor did her father encouraged said behavior by laughing and trying to take a picture. He didn't really get one as she is in the new phase of hating her picture being taken (haha - another Uncle Ben trait!) but she did let us take her picture with Violet so I'm happy.

Sunday we went back to my dad's and met up with my cousin and her kids then on Monday, we loaded up everyone and a few extra items and drove home. The extra items were my childhood piano and my dad's old leather couch and some other furniture we were taking off his hands (aren't we nice :-). Craig drove the truck and I had the kids by myself. I was a bit nervous but luckily Jonah was so worn out from the busy weekend that he slept almost the whole 6 hour drive. And Lucy did pretty well until the last hour when she started complaining that she was "just so uncomfortable." She told me that the next time Grandpa should visit us because it was "too long and my legs hurt so how about we just be there already mommy." If only it worked that way!

We hired a couple guys to help us bring the piano inside but even so, moving a piano is a big job and both entrances to our house have obstacles (tight door with turn on the back, steps up to a deck on the front) so for a while thereI was afraid I would have to play the piano in the garage but eventually, they got it in. I'm still tweaking the living room but I think I'll like it. And I'm really excited to have the piano again. I forget how much I missed it. I hadn't played in 9 years and the first time I tried, it sounded like I hadn't played in 9 years but it is starting to come back to me now, especially if I don't think to much about it. Lucy enjoys it too but I can't say having her sing along while I'm trying to play really makes things easier.

Other than that, I've been busy scrapbooking the last bits of 2012. I actually worked on it in the car on the way to Kansas. It's a little difficult to do fine tweaks in Photoshop while driving down the highway but I don't have very many opportunities where both kids are completely contained so I took advantage of the situation. And I got it done. Our 2012 scrapbook is ordered and on it's way! I think being caught up to the current month with photos is some sort of mothering miracle isn't it? Lucy is obviously trying to help me out with her no picture attitude and if nobody grows and we don't do anything fun in 2013, maybe I can stay caught up. Maybe not.

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