If it's not one kid, it's the other.

Good news: Jonah is back to his happy, sleep loving self.

Bad news: Apparently, Lucy decided to take his crankiness upon herself. Today was not a good day. I had a meeting and while it was kid friendly, Lucy was not in the mood. Honestly if I had known, we would have skipped but as I am not a psychic, we just spent the meeting going in and out of the room to work on her behavior. Even after we got home, she was just being ornery and then spent her naptime, not only not napping herself but also preventing Jonah from napping, which did not help anyone's attitudes. I really wish 2 year olds had a a better understanding of cause and effect because if she could understand that waking up her brother from his nap is the worst possible way to get more attention, my life would have been so much easier today. At one point this afternoon, she was actually growling at me. Growling! At least we got her into bed before Craig left for work (he's back on nights). And then I found my stash of chocolate. It helped a bit.

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. That's one of my favorite "Anne" quotes. Do you think Lucy Maud Montgomery's boys were toddlers when she wrote that? It seems like it would make a good parenting motto. Of course  tomorrow's coming soon and it won't stay mistake free for long, for either Lucy or me, but I'd settle for 1/4 of the mistakes we had today. Cross your fingers. Or maybe say a prayer, that would probably be more effective.

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