Jonah @ 4 months


4 months and getting bigger every day.

You are a super smiley baby (well, not today - today you are sick, snotty and a bit cranky but under normal circumstances) but now you've added little giggles to your repertoire. You really like to be kissed. If I'm kissing your feet and I stop, you'll even put them back up so I can keep kissing them.

You're pretty "talkative" now too. And you make the best expressions:

You've started grabbing things deliberately when we hold them in front of you. You can't hang on for long but its fun to watch you try and get something then get so excited when you actually grab it so if you drop it, it's just another chance to practice grabbing. Your favorite toys are your skwish and your keys.

You also really like to play with a burp rag and will suck on it for a while. This is nice because you've become very drooly and it's nice when you clean it up yourself. You've become a finger sucker/chewer. You often have your pointer finger and sometimes your middle finger in your mouth.

You like to be sitting up or on your tummy. You really don't like to be on your back much. You can roll over from tummy to back but you'll start to roll and then frantically start leaning back because you don't actually want to go over. I don't think you've actually rolled all the way in a couple weeks. You rolled over back to front once. You can get almost all the way there but haven't figured out how to move your arm out of the way so you'll spend 10 minutes kicking and wiggling and trying to get there.

You love to sit in your chair and watch/listen to me playing the piano. On the rare occasion you are having trouble napping, I'll put you in the boba and play for you and within a few minutes you are normally asleep. You love to be worn but you are super mellow and almost always happy even if you are playing on the floor by yourself for 20 minutes. Allthough even when you are "alone" you do normally have a 2 year old around to provide some entertainment for you.

You actually like to be alone sometimes - that's a totally new thing for me. Sometimes when you are fussy, you just want to play by yourself for a few minutes, or be laid in your co-sleeper to fall asleep by yourself. You new thing at bedtime is to nurse until you fall asleep lying on my bed, then about 10-20 minutes later, you wake up screaming and if we try to pat/rock/nurse/cuddle you, you just get more and more mad but if we pick you up and put you in your bed, you look around, stop crying and fall back asleep. Or if you are up a bit late and won't fall asleep, we just let you play on your tummy in your co-sleeper and you'll go to sleep on your own. As long as you can see me in bed next to you, you're happy. You like to stay up late, 10-11ish but then will sleep all the way through to 6-7 before you want to eat again so I won't complain one bit.

We've also figured out that if we style your hair when it's wet, it stays that way. Endless entertainment for mommy!

To summarize: You're pretty much the easiest, cutest and overall bestest baby I have right now.

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