ND a No-Go for Obama

Earlier this summer, I was surprised to see electoral map projections that depicted North Dakota as a toss-up. North Dakota hasn't gone blue since 1964, despite the fact that its entire Congressional delegation is Democratic. I realized that the hippie college students in Fargo might be excited for Obama, but I didn't think that would be enough to put the state's 3 electoral votes in play.

Now, however, whatever potential Obama had in the state has been abandoned, as Obama has pulled his paid staffers out of the state. He moved them to Minnesota and Wisconsin, traditional blue states that have been close for the last couple of elections. I was under the impression from Democratic types that states like these would vote overwhelmingly for Obama, but apparently that is not the case.

The idea of ND being a battleground is kind of exciting (Obama even had an office in Rugby), but I'm glad that this Obama flirtation will go no further.

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