Our First Thanksgiving!

After spending the last two days recovering (napping) from Thanksgiving, I think I am finally ready to enter the blog world again. It was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and I think it went well. We went over to the home of our friends S. and C.

C works at the university with foreign students and along with us, they invited some of her students over to show them what an American Thanksgiving was like. They ended up being 20 of us in their house, which I found to be quite enjoyable. Even when you don't know a lot of the people you are celebrating with, it is always nice to be in a bustling house on holidays and it was fun to watch people experience the joys of holiday casseroles for the first time. Most of my favorite Thanksgiving memories are from times when there were a bunch of people around.

Since we went over the their place, we ended up only having to make a couple things, a turkey (we both made turkeys so there would be plenty), bread, and dessert. It was the first turkey either Craig or I had made and I was really nervous that we would ruin it, but after 2 phone calls to my mom and 3.5 hours, it turned out great! We brined it and cooked it on the turkey cannon Craig won a while back with some beer inside and it was so moist. The only problem is, I don't know whether the amazing moistness was due to the brining or the cannon/beer. Next year, if I only brine it, will it not be the same? That would be very sad. But I would really like to try some different brine. The one we used was only salt and water, but I have seen a lot of good recipes I would like to try. But either way, this year, it was very good. So without further ado - here it is.
Isn't it pretty? Craig sure thought it looked tasty...
... and he was right. Okay, okay, I'll stop talking about our delicious turkey because I'm sure you all had tasty turkey too, it's just I'm so very proud of our mad turkey cooking skills.

Craig made the bread. And for the record, he picked this pose, although I'm pretty sure that isn't coming as a shock to any of you.And for dessert, which is really my favorite part of Thanksgiving, I made the pies just like my mom always does - two pumpkin and one apple. I also made her cranberry bars because I was afraid there would be no dessert leftovers and I need a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast the next day. Without it, I don't think I could survive. I love dessert.

I actually have to commend Craig for his super posing skills here. He carefully set up this shot so that it actually looks like our kitchen is clean. This is the one spot in our kitchen that was not completely covered with turkey grease due to my extreme messiness when I cook. And behind me, spilling out of the sink, are tons of dirty dishes. But you don't see that and it looks like our kitchen was spotless at 1pm on Thanksgiving day - that's a photography miracle.

So that was our Thanksgiving. I am really glad I only had to make those few things, I can't imaging trying to fit more baking and cooking into those days. I commend you, full Thanksgiving dinner cookers. I commend you.

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  1. That's a lovely turkey and the pies look yummy . . . but Craig would you LOWER those loaves! :)